Akshendra Welfare Soceity

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About Akshendra Welfare Soceity

“Social Work is only about wiping out the tears gloomy faces”

We help poor people to break the cycle of poverty through education, build healthcare systems in remote areas to help poor people to stay healthier.


The Foundation of Akshendra Welfare Society was laid on 26th December 2021. President Mr. B. S. Rawat founded with the motto of “Being the Voice of Humanity.” The aim is to serve humanity in every sphere of life. The idea was not to limit the service in a particular area but to spread help to everyone in need.
Secretary Mr. Narendra Singh Rawat is a well-known social worker who is
dedicated to make the mission and vision of Akshendra Welfare Society true. This is the beginning of the revolution, there’s a long way to go…


To create a world with happiness and prosperity.


To facilitate needy ones with basic amenities, proper health care and to provide elementary education to every child.


To execute social welfare programmes with the help of human resource and via providing resources from various donors.

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Mr. B. S. Rawat

( President )

Mr. Narendra Singh Rawat

( Secretary )

Dr. Akshita Rawat

( Treasurer )

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