Akshendra Welfare Soceity

Objectives of Akshendra Welfare Soceity

  1. To work for water and wildlife preservation and conservation of the environment. 
  2. To regulate animal welfare programs run by the animal husbandry department for the livelihood of low-income level people.
  3. To provide skill development and technical development services in the urban and rural areas. And to the regular training centre for youngsters at the state and central level and to provide them employment as well as to help them to get self-employment.
  4. To provide information about social welfare schemes of the social welfare department, Khadi Gramodyog Department (MSME), and Human Resource Department.
  5. To provide financial Help (Loan/Grant) from government, non-government organizations, banks, legal organizations, or person on T & C.
  6. To establish school activity centers for underprivileged children and to develop their skills where they can participate in physical activities and get benefits along with entertainment, for example, Dance, Painting, Music, education tour, handicrafts etc.
  7. To organize blood donation camps.
  8. To organize community marriage ceremonies. 
  9. To receive the donation, grants, and gifts and to use them according to the objective of the committee.
  10. To work on education research, and analytical study programs and to develop education and research programs in various subjects.
  11. To arrange social, cultural, educational, and children and woman welfare programs and activities.
  12. To work for the upliftment of weak students of every class of society and to arrange coaching classes for preparation for competitive exams.
  13. To establish primary, middle, and higher-level schools affiliated with the department of education or concerned government department and regulate them.
  14. To start an awareness program for literacy, cultural and other social activities, adult education, lectures, essay contest, exhibitions, press conferences, seminars, and webinars.
  15. To felicitate talented students and to help needy ones by providing them scholarships based on their financial state.
  16. To establish the old age homes, orphanages, and Mahila ashramas for the poor. Helpless children, old people, handicapped, widows, and the mentally disabled. And to connect them with the mainstream by providing self-dependent life through various training programs and women empowerment work.
  17. To provide food, medical services, and shelter to orphans, widows, helpless women, children, and old people. To make women aware of the significate of cleanliness. To work in the interest of handicapped people and to make them self-dependent through various training programs handicraft.
  18. To work for a healthy society free from all social evils and to organize community marriage conferences, seminars, and social welfare work.
  19. To construct hostels and houses according to the need of the committee.
  20. To organize medical camps, Blood Donation camps, population controlling programs, family welfare programs, or any other program regulated by Ayush Mantralaya for prevention of various diseases.
  21. To work, to fulfill the objectives and motives of the committee.
  22. To open account in a Nationalized bank and invest in various schemes.
  23. To distribute, clothes, books, copies, food items, and daily usable stuff among the poor and, deprived class.
  24. To establish colleges, degree college, law college, M.ed, B.ed, B.stc college, management college, medical college, Nursing college, physical educational institution, Animal Husbandry training, Technical education centers, Engineering college, industrial training institution, research’s centers. The computer education center, music, yoga, various arts, drawing, modeling, meditation center, and all professional, industrial, agricultural research, and gardening centers. To start a professional curriculum and to provide educational facilities to students, scholars, trainees, and the other needy ones.
  25. To promote special health services run by central and state governments and to spread awareness about contagious diseases like HIV (Aids), T.B., Cancer, etc, and to give proper guidance about medical facilities. To work for eye treatment and vaccination camps.
  26. To work for development for Neutrals (Kinnars) and to provide their dues to them.

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