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The Social Work – A solution for a better future

We are human beings but we are different from other creatures in terms of Knowledge, wealth, mind or brain, and many other ways. We are also known as an animal in terms of biology somewhere. “Biodiversity and nature have vast contributions to human beings and are our real heritage and humanity’s the most important life-supporting safety net.

But for now, our safety net seems to be stretched almost to breaking point. We have developed ourselves in many ways socially, mentally, and technologically, but what we are missing is charity. In other words, the nature of helping others has been removed by us, nowadays.

In this whole world, people have become very Self-absorbed in other words; we have started thinking for ourselves only. This has happened just because of the culture adaptation and change in life style. We have stated being in a comfort zone which has made us more lethargic.

According to a report, around 1 million animal and plant species now have been threatened with extinction, many within decades, more than ever before in human history. It is a very big concern for all of us.

Let’s talk about humanity, where the commercialization in the education system, Cultural exchange, Access to the use of technology, and the feeling of self-seeking has affected human drastically at this moment.

Charity work and the feeling of helping others and sympathy are to be needed by us. Education can only be the best solution to this. We must be ready to help one another in every possible way to save nature and our society with culture.

There are endless people, animals, birds, and living creatures that need us. Who knows one day we can also need help from others. So the sense of helping and charity should be in the mind and regulation of every human being.

Finally, social work and social awareness can decrease these errors in society to make a better future. As we all know that natural resources are limited ones. We are supposed to utilize them properly to make the best use of them for a longer period and to learn to recycle these resources.

The consumption of such natural resources has damaged nature and most human beings physically and mentally. Now People are running after the wealth only, despite working for humanity or managing simultaneously with the support of nature.

If we can put the sense of charity, social awareness, helping nature, kindness, moral values, sympathy, and goodness in our next generations then this misbalance can be resolved or decreased in a better way. Our basic norm should be spreading this awareness to all and sharing it with kids, motivating them, and educating them about the welfare of society.

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